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The Great Controversy

Have you ever wondered about the past?  Have you ever thought why we have religious freedom today and our belief in free choice?  Have you ever contemplated about the Past, Present and also the Future and how you fit into these times?

The Great Controversy is a very powerful book explaining the past from the time of the destruction of Jerusalem, through the time of the reformers and onward to today and beyond.  When we look at the struggle within governments around the world and within the EU, we must start to question why is there so much turmoil, why can’t these nations simply seem to get on?  The future can often be explained by understanding the past – from the time of the Reformation until now, there has been a constant struggle for truth and freedom.

If you are looking for a better world, a better place where there is no more strife and no more pain and suffering, then this book is for you, first to understand the past and then to understand the future.

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